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What we know now is not all. What we see now is not the end. The crypto space comprises much more than that. It dabbles between the physical and the virtual, bridging us to places where if your imagination thrives, could bloom with potential to technological and financial prosperity.

This Is Why

We Are

To continue innovating, we would need a spirit that keeps us going. Introducing our ethos ‘What’s Next’. What’s Next represents our forward looking attitude, anticipating what’s coming next in an assertive way. It enables us to take the challenges down and ask ‘What’s Next?’.

We've Got Some Attitude

We Don’t Believe in Noises

‘What’s Next’ serves as a spirit that keeps TEX forward. In the face of adversities, we face and take them down, one by one. This ethos also captures the essence of our vision to grow confidently. An insatiable appetite for what’s coming next. So, what’s next?

We Don’t Believe in Staying Comfortable​

If by comfortable means we are staying stagnant, doing things the same old way and providing products that are no longer relevant, then no. We don’t stay in our comfort zone.

We Don’t Believe the Future Stays the Same​

You know the current way of banking? Investing? Yes, how about in the future? We don’t know. What we do know is that it will not stay the same.

Deep Down, We Carry These Core Values



Forward Looking

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