Triumph Exchange TEX


How to activate 2FA on TEX

Wondering how to activate 2FA on TEX? No sweat! Just check out the easy-peasy guide below, and you’ll be TEX-ting like a pro in no time!
Step 1 

Head over to to sign in.


Step 2

Once you’re signed in, select “Profile” on the side menu, then click “Security”.


Step 3

In the Two-Factor Authentication section, click on the button enclosed in the highlighted bracket to enable Two-Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator.


Step 4

Download the Google Authenticator app. Once the download is complete, click “Proceed.”


Step 5

Use the Google Authenticator app to scan the QR code, then click “Proceed”.


Step 6

Enter the verification code from the app in the space provided, then click “Enable”.


Step 7

Your Two-Factor Authentication has been successfully enabled.