Triumph Exchange TEX


How to Withdraw on TEX

Wondering how to withdraw on TEX? No sweat! Just check out the easy-peasy guide below, and you’ll be TEX-ting like a pro in no time!

You’ll find the user guide for the NEW workspace version right here.
If you’re interested in the PRO version workspace guide, just kick back and head over to our YouTube channel.

Step 1 

Head over to to sign in.


Step 2

Once you’re signed in, select “Funds” on the side menu.


Step 3

Select “Withdraw”.


Step 4

On the Withdraw page, choose the wallet you’d like to withdraw from, enter the amount and select your preferred withdrawal method.


Step 5

Enter the wallet address and provide remarks (if any). Tick “Save Details” and label the withdrawal details for your convenience for your next withdrawal. Click “Proceed” once you’re done.


Step 6

Enter the confirmation code sent to your registered email. Then, click “Confirm”.

Note: The email for the confirmation code will look like the example below.


Step 7

To view transaction history, go to “History” on the side menu and click “Transactions”.