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用事实和信念塑造自己并从人群中脱颖而出。 我们在这里定期更新资源,以帮助您寻找有关加密货币的答案。

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Company News


如何在 TEX 中解除 2FA

想知道如何在 TEX 中解除2FA?不用担心!只需查看以下简单易懂的指南,您就能像专业人士一样轻松使用 TEX!


如何在 TEX 中激活 2FA

想知道如何在 TEX 中激活2FA?不用担心!只需查看以下简单易懂的指南,您就能像专业人士一样轻松使用 TEX!


TEX 钱包概述

想知道在哪里查看TEX 钱包概述?不用担心!只需查看以下简单易懂的指南,您就能像专业人士一样轻松使用 TEX!










  • 网站焕然一新:生动而流畅的界面提供广泛的内容,涵盖从最新趋势到互动内容。
  • 社交媒体大改造:全新的配色方案和新鲜内容,绝对会给您的页面增添趣味。


GNS 上市

我们很高兴地宣布,专属加密币 Genesis (GNS) 将于2023年10月2日开始发售!

从2023年9月25日起,投资者可以使用 GNS/USDT 代码在TEX上限价买入。


推出专属 加密币



GNS Launching

We are pleased to announce that Customised Crypto Tokens Genesis (GNS)  will go on sale starting 2nd October 2023!

Investors may search for the symbol GNS/USDT to limit buy on TEX starting Monday, 25th September 2023.

CCT sells out fast so be sure to limit buy as early as possible.

We Now Look Better

It’s official: We’ve got a brand-new look and exciting additions to our TEX website and social media platforms!

One thing about us at TEX: We like to stay ahead. Just like the ever-evolving crypto landscape, we’re constantly challenging and improving ourselves to lead the way. With our eyes set on continuous improvement and adaptability, our goal is to empower our users with the ins and outs of the cryptoverse through the latest tools and resources available on our platforms.

That’s why we’re confident that our users will appreciate our dynamic and updated design. While we’re making some changes here and there, it doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. You can still enjoy the TEX experience as usual, but now it’s just even better.

Check out these major upgrades:

  • Website Makeover: Get ready for the glow-up! Our updated site is sleek and lively, offering a wide range of content, from the latest trends to interactive pieces.

  • Social Media Revamp: Our social media game just levelled up! Peep the new colour scheme and fresh content that will definitely spice up your feed.

This is just the beginning of something incredible. Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting changes coming your way!

Introducing CCT

CCT is a collective term for a group of native crypto tokens belonging to dedicated trading teams on our Partner’s platform.

One of the reasons that makes us cool is that CCTs are available solely on TEX. Clients may buy, sell and trade all CCT easily through our exchange. These include MAQ, CLOUD, MII, WEE, YLC and AMGC. All CCT are traded against USDT, making them more accessible to the majority of clients.